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Dr Marcella Koscianczuk: Between home and homeland, reconstruction of Palestinian women understanding of safety

Date: 21 November 2012, 2.00pm
Location: Blenheim Terrace SR (G.15) House No. 11-14

I would like to discuss some ideas connected with my work on Palestinian women understanding of safety and unsafety according to their political, social and economical situation. The presentation will show some results of my field work which I have been doing during the summer 2012.

I will show the strong connections and intersectional implication between national, local, and gender issues. The speech will answer such questions as:

  • How national ideology is connected to understanding of private/public sphere, what does it mean nation for men and women?
  • How the idea of the homeland is connected to the idea of home?
  • If the body plays an important role in understanding idea of safety?

My research was based on photo-interviews so we may also discuss such issues as: the limits of visual anthropology and its role in non-European surroundings. What is interesting, I will show how visual methodology shows the contradictions in understanding national and personal identity…

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