Bird la Bird – Holding Court on Class and Queer Femininity

Date: 25 October 2012, 5.00pm
Location: Western Lecture Theatre – Leeds University Business School

Bird la Bird is an artist who straddles comedy and performance art, she has been described as a “Queer Pearly Queen” and a “Haute Couture Fishwife”. Bird favours collaboration and works with a host of artists and designers to create surreal and satirical performances. Bird’s performances explore couple culture, austerity, adoption, terrorism, catholicism, class, feminism, and queer femininity.

Bird was a collaborator on The FeMuseum project, a performative archive exploring Femme legacy and lineage led by Lois Weaver. She often works with the Duckie collective and appeared in their anti-capitalist neo-panto “Copyright Christmas” at the Barbican Theatre in 2011.

Bird graces the cover of Femmes of Power by Ulrika Dahl and Del LaGrace Volcano (2009). She founded Bird Club in 2006 with Maria Rosa Young, and went on to organize Bird Pride, the UK’s first-ever Femme presence at the annual Pride march.

Bird Club was a shell breaking queer femme cabaret night which blurred the boundaries between art, politics and partying. Bird will discuss why she prefers clubs to gallery spaces.

In this “eggciting” lecture, Bird will hold forth on her favorite subject—herself—in a witty and amusing manner. She will also show documentation of recent shows—in other words, lots of images and video of herself.

You are invited to join in and ask questions, if you can get a word in edgeways.