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CPF - feminist protests, feminist care, and feminist research


Call for paper

Researching feminism in East and South-east Asia (ESEA): feminist protests, feminist care, and feminist research
A BSA Postgraduate Forum Regional Event
In the context of overtly anti-Asian racial violence that has emerged since the Covid-19 pandemic and the increasing xenophobic sentiments in British society after Brexit, East and Southeast Asian (ESEA) student activists and researchers are advocating for solidarity and connection. While navigating precarious working conditions within higher education institutions and living with the uncertainty as migrant workers, ESEA activists and scholars initiate discussions on feminism to explore their lives as a feminist in the UK and their strategies to combat racism.
This one-day in-person event aims to provide a discussion space for ESEA student activists, postgraduate researchers, and early career researchers conducting studies related to feminism.
We welcome abstract submissions from ESEA activists and researchers who are engaged in feminist work, covering themes including but not limited to: feminist reflexivity, positionality and fieldwork; pedagogy, the university, and the teaching experiences of ESEA scholars in UK higher education; ESEA feminist communities, solidarity, and activism.
Please send your abstract (up to 250 words), name, and affiliation to email: Notifications of acceptance will be sent by September 15. For any inquiries or suggestions, please feel free to reach out.
Abstract deadline: September 10, 2023
Date: September 28, 2023
Keynote: Dr Eva Li
Discussant: Dr Sarah Liu

Location: Maurice Keyworth SR (1.06), University of Leeds (LS2 9JT)