CIGS Writing Together Wednesdays

As we continue to come to terms with our changing lives and environments in the face of COVID-19, CIGS is launching “Writing Together Wednesdays” – a chance to gather online to engage in a couple of hours of friendly, collective writing.

We will meet at 1.45 on Zoom each Wednesday afternoon, and after sharing some writing goals and chat, we will write quietly (mic off / video off) for 25 minutes, then take a break for 5 minutes and have a quick chat, then repeat three more times. This is a great way of getting some work done in short, focused sessions in a supportive atmosphere.

This is not intended to feed into a cult of productivity in the face of the current emergency and we fully accept that for some people, studying / working / writing is low down the priority list in these strange and worrying times. But we also recognise that for some people, the chance to write for a couple of hours in a low-pressure environment is a welcome burst of collegial normality, and that’s what Writing Together Wednesdays are about. And it doesn’t have to be academic writing – it could be that novel you’ve had in a folder for years; a long letter to a friend; or any kind of project.

If you’d like to join in, drop Karen an email ( and she’ll add you to the Zoom invite list. Don’t worry if you can’t make it on the day or you want to come some weeks and not others – it’s all very relaxed.

But do come and join us if you fancy a bit of Writing Together.. all welcome from both within and outside of the University of Leeds. #CIGS_WTW