Writing Together Tuesdays is back!

During lockdown, we began holding afternoon ‘Writing Together’ sessions once a week. It began as an experiment, but as time went on, we accumulated over 30 participants from 6 universities, with several people joining in from their lockdown locations overseas. In the subsequent months, a number of essays, dissertations, PhD transfer documents, funding bids and book and PhD chapters were drafted, crafted, edited and finalised. In chaotic times when we were all struggling to find the time and focus to work,  the Writing Together sessions provided a supportive, low-stress environment to spend some time prioritising writing. This was never intended to feed into a cult of productivity, especially in these strange and unpredictable times when we’re all just trying to get by and adjust to changing circumstances and increasing workloads. Instead, the aim is to provide a welcome burst of collegial normality.

The sessions are held on Zoom and after a brief introductory goal-setting exercise for the session, we work with cameras and mics off for 25 minutes, then come together for a 5 minute break, and then back into another 25 minute session, and so on, for a total of 4 x 25 minute writing sessions. It doesn’t sound like much, but you’ll be amazed how much you can get done in that time. You don’t have to be doing academic writing – you could come to the session to read and take notes, or to work on that novel you’ve had in a folder for years. And you don’t have to come every week – just come along on the weeks that you can.

The WTT sessions for this semester are from 2.45 – 5pm every Tuesday. If you would like to join and aren’t already on my list, please email Karen Throsby (k.throsby@leeds.ac.uk) and I will ensure that you receive the Zoom invite each week.

Looking forward to seeing you there.