Rosemary Lucy Hill discusses sexual harassment, assault and groping at live music events, and what can be done about it. Pauli[i], aged 15, was watching one of her favourite bands. She was having a great time dancing and had an excellent spot near the front. There was a drunk man...

100 years on from women gaining the right to vote in the UK what does having vote mean to women in Britain? Rosemary Lucy Hill spoke to colleagues in the School of Sociology and Social Policy about their personal feelings regarding the vote. Their responses reveal a mixture of valuing the right to vote, frustration with the current political system, noting the distance still to travel and a strong sense of pride in our great grandmothers’ arguments, organisation and determination.

Karen Throsby explains how sugar has become the new public health bête noir and discusses her new research project exploring scientific knowledge production, validation and popular appropriation; the role of generation, gender, race an class in the production of embodied citizenship; the politics of food in the context of austerity; and  contemporary panics around health and body size.

Karen Throsby's Immersion:Marathon swimming, embodiment and identity is out now with Manchester University Press. Rosemary Lucy Hill's Gender, Metal and the Media is just published with Palgrave.