PhD students

We have a number of PhD students studying in the Centre.

Christian Harrison (he/him/his) 

Becoming Ourselves Online: disabled transgender identity construction and intersection through social media. Using a qualitative interview-diary method, this research seeks to understand how transgender disabled people navigate online spaces and use social media in their daily lives to develop their identities, community and relationships to their bodies. Disabled and transgender people’s social media use have mainly been investigated in silos. However this research will investigate the intersectional ways in which transgender disabled people create meaning of their lived experience through interactions online. Twitter: @CJHResearch; Instagram: @CJHResearch; Facebook: @CJHResearch; YouTube: CJHResearch


Gellar Day (they/them) 

My research is interested in the experiences of transgender autistic people and how these can help us reappraise our understandings of gender. More widely my research interests include queer theory, activism and representations and the ways in which autism is understood by neurotypical people. Also, very intrigued by how class plays into all of this. Outside of the academy, I’m involved in several projects centred around self-advocacy and activism. Most notably, I am the Equity and Diversity officer on the Trans Pride Leeds committee for 2020.


Karen Hardcastle-Rad (she/her/hers) 

My current research addresses the Equality Act (2010) and focuses upon questions of gender recognition and inclusion in public spaces. The research will speak to crucial questions of gender and citizenship as they are currently being debated in social, cultural, legal and policy spheres.


Taoyuan Luo (she/her)

I have a BA in Journalism from Guangxi University and MA Cultural and Creative Industries from Cultural Media and Creative Industries, King’s College London. Before I started my PhD in October 2019 in CIGS, I worked as an intern journalist in Xinhua News Agency (Guangxi Branch) and People Daily (Guangxi Branch) in China. My research interests are primarily located in gender studies, attempting to explore the interrelationship of feminist theory, popular culture, mediated texts, youth, and identification. My PhD topic is ‘Identification or alienation: a study of Chinese young women’s attitudes towards feminism’. If you have any interests in my research areas, please contact me via my university email ( or my Twitter account at @TaoyuanL.


Qiqi Huang 

I am a PhD student of Gender Studies in the School of Sociology and Social Policy. I have a background in feminist literature, literature theory and theatre studies. My current research focus on the intersections of feminism, social media, Chinese women, and cultural studies. My PhD thesis is about how feminism travels via social media from the West to China and different powers behind traveling feminism and digital feminism’s backlash. Outside of my PhD, I love cooking and I am also a catholic.


Faiza Tayyab


I hold an MA in Sociology and an MPhil in Women’s Studies from University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan. My areas of interest include Feminist Theories, Gender based Violence, and Minority women’s rights. My PhD project focuses on women’s perceptions and experiences of domestic violence residing in the rural and urban settings of the Punjab Province, Pakistan. For further details regarding my PhD project, you can read more here.  I have also published articles on the issue of gender-based violence in Pakistan (See here and here). I am on twitter as @fwaseem


David En

My name is David. I started my first degree (Law with Journalism) at the University of Chester in 2008, finishing the degree with a credit transfer to the Open University where I studied courses on social psychology and political theory. I studies my MA at the University of Leeds, graduating in 2017. Since then, I started my PhD in October 2018 and recently finished guest editing a journal special issue for the first time (See here).


Sel Lee

I completed my undergraduate degree in Clothing and Textile and History of Art at Ewha womans University in South Korea. After a few years of experience including working as a fashion designer, staying in the US and working in Malaysia, I decided to go back to school. Consequently, I earned a MA in Area Studies after studying in Yonsei University in South Korea.


Eleanor Craig

My PhD research aims to explore the sexual abuse of children and child sexual abuse prevention methods, drawing on victims’ and survivors’ experiences. I am looking to identify why child sexual abuse prevention methods are not working for some children and what can be done to increase their effectiveness. There is a considerable amount of research available exploring the efficacy of CSA prevention methods but little research involving actual victims’ and survivors’ perspectives on the subject, an omission which my research aims to rectify.